Effect Packs for Space Projector



Save on extra effects when buying wheels in packs. Each pack comes with a free Mathmos collectors bag in grey velvet. Choose from 3 themes; Nature, Kids & Lava.

Nature Pack (images and effects inspired by the natural world)

  • 'Coastal' full colour wheel by Jessica Hogarth
  • 'Countryside' full colour wheel by Jessica Hogarth
  • 'Blooms' graphic wheel by two create
  • 'You'll never walk alone' graphic wheel by two create
  • Blue/Green lava lamp effect wheel

Kids Pack (fun children's designs and bright effects)

  • 'Counting Sheep' full colour wheel by Mathmos design studio
  • 'Zoo' full colour wheel by Dickybird
  • 'Outer Space' graphic wheel by Francois Chalet
  • 'Fairy Tales' slide pack by Mathmos design studio
  • Violet/Red lava lamp effect wheel

Lava Lamp Pack (A selection of our most popular Mathmos lava lamp effect wheels)

  • Violet/Red lava lamp effect wheel
  • Yellow/Green lava lamp effect wheel
  • Blue/Yellow lava lamp effect wheel
  • Violet/Green lava lamp effect wheel

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