iO lava lamp bulb: 80W R7s Halogen


30% Off when you spend 75€ or more
30% When you buy more than 1 bulb
Replacement 80W R7s bulb for iO lava lamps. 30% off when you buy more than one. N.B. please use a cloth/tissue when touching the bulb as moisture/oils from your skin can damage the bulb and significantly shorten its lifespan.

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Light: 80W Halogen Linear R7s 78mm 240V
Notice: This bulb is primarily used as a heat source. For Mathmos lava lamps only. Not for household room illumination.
Lifespan: 2000 hrs
Colour temp: 2800 K
Flood angle: 360
Lumens: 1400lm
Kw/h: 120
Energy Label G

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